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Living in the Tampa Bay Area could be an expensive proposition –   However, there's no need to make it harder on yourself by paying an exorbitant a mount for rent.


All of homes and condos represent a great value. That isn't to say they're cheap, tacky, or low quality. At McLaughlin Realty, we  believe with some hard work, you can find something great.


Breezy Studio


The perfect location for the discerning couple looking to make a bohemian impression on their friends.


What We Offer

The great thing about the Tampa Bay Area, is just how much stuff you find around you. Your favorite bodega, beaches, Busch Garden, Disney Orlando, Schools, Shopping centers, etc., and  are within short distance of your front door. It's convenient and adds to how much you get out of your place.


Ask one of our agents here at McLaughlin Realty about a property near your favorite spots.

Established Finesse 


For the power couple who has it made. Lots of open spaces for cocktail parties with a loft for more intimate gatherings, as well. Soothe your inner foodie.

Spacious & Soothing 


And even though it may be located in the heart of downtown, most condo and homews feels a world apart from the bustle of the city. With three bedrooms, it's great for a family.


Most of our homes and condos feature a litany of premium features you can choose from, including hardwood floors and granite countertops.

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